Eco dish brush
Eco dish brush coconut bristles
Eco dish brush Replaceable Bristle Head
Eco dish brush replaceable bristle head

Eco Dish Brushes

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Keep plastic out of your kitchen and the ocean with these plastic free, natural material dish brushes.

We have three types of brushes to suit all kitchen sinks;

1. The P shaped brush has bristles from coconut. The shape is great for getting into dishes of all shapes and sizes.

2. The O shape brush is non-vegan with bristles made from pig hair but an excellent brush for daily dishes.

 3. This brush has a secret eco weapon, as the bristles wear out faster than the handle this brush head can be replaced. Buy the replaceable head here also.

4. The replaceable head for the Renewable Brush can also be used on its own if you are looking for something smaller to clean your plates.