Anytime Menstrual Cup

Anytime Menstrual Cup

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Isn't the cup the best deal for your period, wallet and planet?

Making a change from a pad or tampon to a cup can be a scary proposition!! 
Believe us! We have been there! But it is not as hard it looks.

Why change to a cup?
♻️ Lifetime shopping - Reusable
💰 You will SAVE MONEY
🍃 Eco-Friendly
🛢 ZERO Waste
🦠 Healthier

It's a reusable cup which means no more waste going to landfills. Huge savings as well:
25,000 mmk vs. years of buying pads / tampons.

Menstrual cups hold more and last longer compared to a regular pad or tampon. The cups also collect fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your interior naturally lubricated and healthy.

Assorted colours.